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The Power of One™
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Bully-proofing show that reviews the roles of Bully, Target, and Bystander; provides solutions to bullying; teaches children that everyone has the Power of One, the power to report and deal with bullying when they see it. Captivating, memorable, strong imagery.

Two performances per school: K-3 and grades 4+
Both shows are 40 minutes in length

Alice In Cyberland™
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Internet-proofing show that introduces children to computers and the Internet. Teaches children the positive benefits of being online and educates them about the need to be cautious about predators, privacy, advertising, and downloading. Additional topics include social networking, cyber bullying, and posting photos.

One performance per school, grades 4-6
40 minutes in length

HI REZ comes to EARTH ™
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Inspiring show about Inclusion and Empathy. Purple space alien Hi Rez learns the importance of being open to new and different people from Jessie, a young girl at school who has been excluded from the hip-hop club. Songs, comedy, and puppets!

One performance per school: best for children ages 5-8 years
40 minutes in length

Message: Always leave an extra seat at the table!

Cyber Busters™
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Cyber-bullying awareness show that reviews all aspects of electronic bullying including different types of cyber bullying, what to do if you a cyber bullied, how it can happen accident, and how harmful can be the results. Humorous, entertaining, informative.

Different versions of the show presented for:

Elementary/Primary schools (ages 9-12)
Elementary/Primary schools (ages 9-14)
Middle schools (ages 12-15)
40-45 minutes in length


"The best bully-prevention show
that I've ever seen."


"An excellent show! Internet safety
is a crucial issue and Alice in Cyberland hits all the right points. "


“Really fun and well crafted for our younger students!”


“Fully engaging and informative about such an important topic!”
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