Main Message

  • Anyone can learn to read, even if you are currently
    having trouble learning

  • Reading helps you in
    your life.

  • Books are fun and open
    you to new worlds and
    new things.

  • Libraries are good places
    to be.

Rumpus Reading Room™

Summary Details
Title: Rumpus Reading Room
Message: Books are fun, reading is important, you can learn to read
Applicable Grades: K-3 (Primary Grades)
Running Time: 40 minutes
Description: All-around-guy Darrell, who isn't much on reading, goes down the rabbit hole to the magical world of Libraria where he meets Batilda, the Book Fairy.  Darrell learns the joy and benefit of books; Batilda teaches Darrell how to read.
Audience Participation: three "Learning Bees" are selected from the audience to help Darrell identify the steps involved in learning how to read. 
Musical Numbers: Who Needs Reading Anyway?; It's In A Book/Welcome to the World of Libraria; You Can Do It; I Can Do Anything; Read Everyday.
Availability: Beginning in September 2010 in all North American and United Kingdom markets and in February 2011 in Australia and New Zealand.

Why This Show Is Important

We believe that children learn different things at different rates.  As a result, it is easy for some children to become discouraged when they fall a little behind their classmates and to question their own abilities.  For primary-aged children, learning to read can be one of those situations, particularly when, on a daily basis, everyone else seems to be roaring ahead, reading out loud, and moving on to the next book.

So, in Rumpus Reading Room, we present Darrell, a young boy who is good at everything.  He has talent, intelligence, physical ability, and a healthy attitude.  He just can't read.  And the show is about his journey into the world of Libraria where he is re-energized about the value of reading. 

We have also written Rumpus Reading Room as a musical based on five catchy, memorable, and easily learned songs.  The purpose here was to make sure that children would remember the songs and the lyrics and, subsequently, the message and inspiration of the show.