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The Power of One delivers a clear and specific message that is understood and remembered by children.

Our Message

Report and deal with bullying when you see it

Don't be a Bystander

Bystanders are as guilty as bullies

You can make a difference






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Soren Bennick's The Power of One™

Poster Board and Oath

Soren Bennick produces an anti-bullying poster board for each school that books the Power of One. This board is 2' x 4' and prominently displays in color the Power of One anti-bullying oath:

At the conclusion of each show, the actors present the school with the post board and have the audience recite the power of one oath.

The board is then available to spend two-or-three days in each classroom in the days following the show where teachers can use it to facilitate discussion. This promotes further examination of the bullying issue and provides each student with an opportunity to sign the poster board acknowledging that they have taken the oath. In most cases, over the course of three or four weeks, the entire school signs the pledge board!

The poster board can then be displayed in the front lobby of the school for all to see.

There is room for about 300 signatures on each poster board. Schools with more than 300 students are advised to order a second or third board at the time of booking.

Sample of The Power of One Poster Board implemented at:

Guggenheim Elementary School
Port Washington, Nassau County, NY
September 29, 2016

Performed at over 9,000
schools to date.

Over 3 million children
positively impacted



New Zealand


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