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The Power of One delivers a clear and specific message that is understood and remembered by children.

Our Message

Report and deal with bullying when you see it

Don't be a Bystander

Bystanders are as guilty as bullies

You can make a difference






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Soren Bennick's The Power of One™


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The Power of One ™ Client Lists

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The Power of One involves direct audience interaction at several points, bringing audience volunteers up on stage to play bystanders, to demonstrate solutions to bulling, and to discover the secret of the Power of One. This invigorates the audience and helps children personalize the message of the show.

In ever respect, the Power of One has been developed to maximize children's understanding and retention of the show and its key points. For example, the actors dialogue with the audience about different aspects of bullying, and talk directly to the children to summarize key points. Each skit that is acted out demonstrates a specific point using a real-life scenario already familiar to the children. And the set and props involved in the show center around the use of colors, masks, and boxes. Combined in strategic fashion, these theatrical devices create vivid imagery that helps children remember the show and grasp the key aspects of the bullying process.


Performed at over 9,000
schools to date.

Over 3 million children
positively impacted



New Zealand


Value Points

The Power of One provides
you with the following value points:

Two age-appropriate,
40-minute performances
per school.

A Power of One pledge poster
board that you have students
sign and then display in the
front lobby of the school.

A clear message that children remember long after the show.

Important content that supports
any anti-bullying work that you
have in place or may choose to implement in the future.

A proven track record that has
had positive impact on over
three million children.


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