Captivating for both children and adults, Perfect Practice captures the imagination and teaches hard work and practice.

Our Message

Children can accomplish almost anything through:

  • Hard work
  • Practice
  • Proper Instruction
  • Perseverance


Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect is an exciting and well-crafted 30-minute character-building show and yo-yo performance presented by world class yo-yo professionals. The show dazzles and entertains audiences with spectacular yo-yo tricks.. Then, using the yo-yo as an example that all children understand, a presentation is given about how students can master tasks, achieve progress, and gain confidence in anything that they undertake if they get instruction and work hard. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect uses humor, audience interaction, and advanced yo-yo tricks to the engage the audience ensure that the message of hard work and practice is well received and remembered. The show has been presented in over 1,000 elementary schools.

Click on the image below to download a PDF copy of the Perfect Practice Makes Perfect™ Brochure.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect™ Brochure

Performed at
over 800 schools

Performed all over
Southern Ontario

Performed for more
than 500,000 children

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