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Hi Rez is a story-based performance that teaches children to have empathy for others
and to be open to the idea of including new and different people in their activities.

Main Message

  • Always leave an extra chair at the table

  • Take the initiative to include people who are being left out

  • Have empathy for others

  • Don't exclude others

  • Be persistent

Important Content

  • Reverse" musical chairs

  • Audience participation on stage

Hi Rez Comes to Earth™

A play about inclusion for primary-aged children.

Hi Rez is a purple space alien who comes to Earth on instructions from his planet elders. Hi Rez has only been playing with other purple aliens and has been ignoring all the other aliens of other colours, shapes, and hairstyles. So Hi Rez's assignment is to visit Earth to find out about INCLUSION.

Upon arrival, Hi Rez meets a young school girl named Jessie who has been excluded from the hip-hop club at school because the clothes she wears are out of fashion.

Jessie and Hi Rez become friends and she teaches Hi Rez the positive benefits of being receptive to new people and new ideas. And Hi Rez helps Jessie understand the importance of being persistent and standing up for yourself, especially when she really wants to do something, like join the hip hop club!

Jessie and Hi Rez discover that it's OK to have your own group of friends and that not everyone can be part of every group (to play football, you have to be able to play football!). It's just that when someone is being purposely EXCLUDED, then that's not right.

It takes a while for the student body to get used to the fact that Hi Rez is purple, but his arrival works for the positive, and everyone ends up learning a new, inclusive approach to social interaction based around having EMPATHY for others.

Together with recruits from the audience, Jessie and Hi Rez play a game of musical chairs. Hi Rez discovers what it's like to be left out when he's the one left without a seat. So Jessie and the student volunteers re-play the game, only this time Jessie adds a chair instead of taking one away. This allows everyone to sit down, including a new person from the audience!

Audience Participation, Songs, Comedy, Puppets

Recommended audience: Children ages 5 year to 8 years

Show length: 40 minutes

"Always leave an extra chair at the table!"


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