The Fresh Start TV Show is hilarious and uses comedy to motivate and inspire children.

Our Message

Children have unlimited potential

Be Proactive, Plan,
Practice, Persevere

No matter what,
you can always start fresh




Fresh Start

The Fresh Start TV Show is a stage performance that is a celebration, a pep rally, and a fun way to inspire and motivate children. Fresh Start presents zany physical humor, hypnosis, sight gags, and over-the-top comedy all done in the guise of a TV talk show where students are interviewed about their future plans.

Teachers dressed in disguise are brought up on stage, students get to sit in the “Chair of Truth,” and even the principal is interviewed.

Co-hosts Debbie Dairing and Honk'n Herb continually point out that by planning, practicing, and persevering children can get a fresh start and accomplish anything. The wit and talent of the performance enables the Fresh Start TV Show to be highly entertaining and to provide an inspirational message: that children have unlimited potential if they are willing to invest in themselves. All they have to do is:

  • Take on new challenges
  • Do new things
  • NOT be afraid of failure

Running time: 35-40 minutes; suitable for all age groups

Click on the image below to download a PDF copy of the Fresh Start™ Brochure.

Fresh Start™ Brochure

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