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Cyber Busters uses humour, drama, and strong character development to educate children about the negative effects of cyber bullying in a memorable and entertaining manner.

Main Messages

Think before you click

Respect other people's feelings

Respect other people's privacy

If you are cyber bullied, tell someone

Topics Covered:

  • What is/is not cyber bullying
  • How to prevent cyber bullying
  • What to do if you are cyber bullied
  • The negative effects of cyber bullying
  • How easy it is to cyber bully someone by mistake

Important Content

Cyber Busters explores all facets of electronic bullying, including:

  • Emails
  • Web Sites
  • Social Networking
  • Chat Rooms
  • Mobile Phones
  • Text Messages


A cyber bullying prevention show for elementary and middle school audiences.


Based in Perth, Australia, Angelique Malcolm is an experienced playwright, actress, and producer who has worked in theatre-in-education for over twenty-five years. Currently the Artistic Director of Class Act Theatre Inc. in Perth, a company she founded in 1994, Angelique has written plays that have been produced by Regional Arts Victoria, the Black Box Theatre in the UK, the Perth Zoo, Nitwits Australia, and the Perth Round Up Festival. Angelique's most famous play is Bully Busters which has been performed over 1,500 times in Australian primary schools. The high-school version of Bully Busters (sometimes known as Bully Busters Two) has also been performed over 1,500 times in Australia since 1997. Other in-school productions written by Angelique include Hooked, Danger Stranger, and Skin Deep. She has also written plays dealing with the environment, racism, drug abuse, stranger/danger, and local history. Cyber Busters is Angelique's most recent play. It has received wide success in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth since 2010. Angelique has a university degree, two children and two mad Jack Russell Terriers both called Lucy.

Music, Comedy, Drama, Songs

Recommended audience: Grades 3 to 8

Show length: 40-45 minutes

  • Performed in over 1,200 schools

  • Over 500,000 children positively impacted
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