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Cyber Busters uses humour, drama, and strong character development to educate children about the negative effects of cyber bullying in a memorable and entertaining manner.

Main Messages

Think before you click

Respect other people's feelings

Respect other people's privacy

If you are cyber bullied, tell someone

Topics Covered:

  • What is/is not cyber bullying
  • How to prevent cyber bullying
  • What to do if you are cyber bullied
  • The negative effects of cyber bullying
  • How easy it is to cyber bully someone by mistake

Important Content

Cyber Busters explores all facets of electronic bullying, including:

  • Emails
  • Web Sites
  • Social Networking
  • Chat Rooms
  • Mobile Phones
  • Text Messages


A cyber bullying prevention show for elementary audiences.

Two students – CJ and Jess - meet by chance at a local park and the conversation turns to cyber bullying. They tell each other stories they’ve heard and seen at school, and then act these stores out for the audience.

CJ and Jess demonstrate how harmful it can be to disclosed information online; how inappropriate it can be to post unflattering photos; and how easy it is to make inappropriate comments on public, online, bulletin boards without consideration for other people's feelings.

And, upon closer inspection, it turns out that both students have not only been targets of cyber bullying but, at certain times, they’ve also been perpetrators, as well!

With the help of the school guidance counselor, some close friends, and a local police officer, CJ and Jess learn all about cyber bullying, take positive action, and resolve to be more diligent about asking for, and giving, respect to others while online.

Music, Comedy, Drama, Songs

Elementary School Show, recommended for audiences ages
9-12 years old

Elementary/Middle School Show, recommended for audiences ages
9-14 years old

Middle School Show, recommended for audiences ages
12-15 years old

Show length: 40-45 minutes


  • Performed in over 1,200 schools

  • Over 500,000 children positively impacted

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