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Internet Safety CertificatePrincipals Only

Internet Rangers Matt and Zoey provide safety tips so that the Internet is fun and safe for children

Our Message

Don't do anything online that you wouldn't do in public

Don't talk online with anyone you don't already know

Guard your personal information closely

Once something goes online, it never comes off

  • Be smart
  • Be careful
  • Be responsible

Alice in Cyberland™

Alice in Cyberland is an Internet-proofing show featuring Internet Safety Rangers Matt and Zoey.

Matt and Zoey, wearing their official Ranger uniforms, use computer technology, visual displays, and the fictional character of Alice - a girl who uses the Internet - to teach children how the Internet can be used as a valuable tool for learning, communicating, and having fun.

They also show the audience how the Internet can be a dangerous place if people do not used sound judgement and make responsible choices. Unknown “friends”, cyber bullying, inappropriate photos, invasion of privacy, and the fact that you are not alone when you are on the Internet are all themes that are thoroughly explored.

As Matt and Zoey tell the children, you need to BE SMART when you go online. For interested children and for class discussion, Matt and Zoey provide a web site where, if Internet questions are answered correctly, an Internet-Ranger certificate can personalized and downloaded.

Junior Internet-proofing Show : K to Grade 3 40 minutes
Middle School Internet-proofing Show : Grades 4-6 35 minutes
Internet-proofing Technology Fair : Grades 7-8 35 minutes

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