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Internet Safety CertificatePrincipals Only

Internet Rangers Matt and Zoey provide safety tips so that the internet is fun and safe for children

Our Message

Don't do anything on line that you wouldn't do in public

Don't talk on line with anyone you don't already know

Guard your personal information closely

Once something goes on line, it never comes off

  • Be smart
  • Be careful
  • Be responsible

Alice in Cyberland™

Junior & Senior Show Differences

There are three versions of the Alice in Cyberland:

  • Junior Show, grades K-3, 40 minutes long
  • Senior Show grades 4 -6, 35 minutes long
  • Technology Fair grades 7-8, 35 minutes long

At the regular booking price, Soren Bennick does all three shows at each school we visit (assuming there are grades 7 and 8s in the school!). This involves spending an entire morning or afternoon at the school.

Differences Between the Shows

The difference between the Junior Show & Technology Fair is that:

  • The Junior Show deals with basic Internet concepts and is designed as an introduction to online technology. Emails, visiting web sites, and playing games are the main focus of presentation done in a positive, internet-friendly manner. The message of the show is that the Internet is a tool to have fun with when supervised by an adult.

  • The Junior Show is slower paced and takes on a much more questions-and-answers format.

  • The Junior Show does not deal with cyber bullying, online stocking, or heavier subjects presented in the Senior Show. The only “negative” lesson taught in the Junior Show is that children should not talk to strangers on line.

  • The Technology Fair for grades 7 and 8 only, demonstrates the latest internet-related technology to the students including cell phones, web cameras, personal computers, and hand-held devices. This enables the presenters to work in an internet-safety message while maintaining the undivided attention of senior students.

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