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Internet Safety CertificatePrincipals Only

Internet Rangers Matt and Zoey provide safety tips so that the internet is fun and safe for children

Our Message

Don't do anything on line that you wouldn't do in public

Don't talk on line with anyone you don't already know

Guard your personal information closely

Once something goes on line, it never comes off

  • Be smart
  • Be careful
  • Be responsible

Alice in Cyberland™

Internet Safety Certificate

Located at (website url to be made available soon), children can find the Internet Ranger's Safety Certificate. Here, students can take the Internet Ranger's safety quiz and, if they pass, download their own Safety Certificate. Different certificates are available based Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Masters categories.

As a class exercise, teachers can encourage their students to gain the Safety Certificate. When an ample number have passed the quiz, teachers can download a special Class Safety Certificate by entering the code words CERTIFICATE .

For schools that are especially keen, Soren Bennick Productions will send you a customized School Internet Safety Certificate (poster sized) if you request it and if you are satisfied that enough of your students have passed the quiz!


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