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Internet Safety CertificatePrincipals Only

Internet Rangers Matt and Zoey provide safety tips so that the internet is fun and safe for children

Our Message

Don't do anything on line that you wouldn't do in public

Don't talk on line with anyone you don't already know

Guard your personal information closely

Once something goes on line, it never comes off

  • Be smart
  • Be careful
  • Be responsible

Alice in Cyberland™


Dennis Hassell has written dozens of produced plays and videos, including for schools, an adaptation of  THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, and THE POWER OF ONE in 2006, which has been already been performed hundreds of times.

As an actor, Dennis has given over five hundred performances for youth and families. Dennis teaches drama workshops for teachers and students. Also a story consultant for Triborne Films, Dennis has been awarded private, civic, provincial, and national grants for his projects.

As a theatre producer, Dennis shows have netted fourteen Dora Award nominations, and his script, A DIVINE COMEDY, has been produced in Canada and the United States.

Other works that Dennis has written, including THE BIG PICTURE and HEART OF AFRICA, have received national touring productions. Dennis lives in Toronto with his wife and children, who are enrolled in the public school system. Marvin Ishmael Productions has announced they will be producing Dennis' script, THE GLORY MAN in Toronto in 2009.

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